Monday, February 15, 2010

it's Krissy time!!!!

hehehehe ok girls it's time to get to know krissy a little bit better......
1:name: Kristine Julie Christie

2: Star Sign...Aquarius

3: Fav band / singer..Ohh thats a hard one i love songs you can sing along with and have acousitc guitar so my favs are John Butler Trio and Jack Johnson

4: Who can you know nudge nugde, wink wink... Matthew's the smile, the accent the toosh...he is spunky as!!!

5: Book or Movie...Book they are always way better

6: most embrassing thing you've ever done....LOL Just one??? probably when i fell up the stairs on my first day at work when i was fourteen, was a full stack in front of all my new work mates psml.........did i mention that i am clumsy??? LOL

7: stranded on an island your 3 things would, food and some thing crafty to keep me busy...

8: fav scrap product...papers i can fussy cut and make 3D

9: your first real kiss....hehehehe...a guy named Phillip, he was a lip biter and it was awful..LOL

10: Dream holiday....i have always wanted to go to Mauritius....tropicial beaches and french accents oohh lala yes please!!!!

11: your favourite body part....i am a face person...i like faces that show expression and have personality...i think you can tell alot about a person by their face...well you can on mine anyway LOL....

12: Fav scrap technique...layering and 3D work

13: something that makes you angry....people who are makes me so mad i don't know why people have to pick on others to make themselves feel's horrible

14: stamps or rub-ons....stamps cause i always manage to stuff up rub-ons so i never us them any more

15: favourite drink.... i've got 2....can i have 2???....i love jim beam and coke or vodka and orange....but if i am feeling fancy i will never say no to a strawberry dacquiri..whoops that's 3...oh well LOL....

thanks for sharing some more about yourself krissy......there will be more to come soon keep checking back....

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Kate said...

you rock krissy!!!