Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the shopping begins!

i have to tell you girls i am having so much fun checking out all the new CHA stuff and in some cases placing pre-orders for our retreat! ( so now is the time to speak up if you'd like anything in particular in the kits and i'll see what i can do)there is so many goodies out there to choose from that i am drooling on a regular basis!

i am trying to choose fairly neutral items that can be used for just about anything with a few new ...umm how to describe them maybe tool type goodies would say it best.....this retreats kit is going to be totally awesome!!!! if i do say so myself PMSL!!!!!!!!!

having said that could i ask a huge favour ...if anyone who has booked in is in the position to pay either their deposit or another instalment it would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL.....or if you haven't booked in yet but would like too (there are only 3 positions left)....please don't hesitate to email me here and we'll get you all organised for the most fun scrapping you'll ever have!!! hehehehe.....

i might eeven put some teasers up soon if your really nice to me...insert evil laugh here.....hahahaha!!!