Saturday, January 30, 2010

two more for you!!

ok girls it's time to meet 2 more gorgeous ladies who will be scrapping away the weekend with us!! First up the gorgeous SANDY who is our host for the is Sandy's house we are invading...hehehehehe.... 1. name: Sandy Lousie Tynan

2. star sign: Aires

3. Favourite band/singer or music type: Jimmy Barnes/Cold chisel

4. the one person who could you know Nudge nudge wink wink..hehehe: Jon Bon Jovi

5. book or movie: both!

6 most embrassing thing: opened an 18th birthday present in front of my brother that was a vibrator!!!!!

7. stranded on an island, your three things would be: Mark, chocolate and magazines...

8. Favourite scrap product to use: everything i can't choose a fave.

9. first real kiss: Adrian Fyson (at the same 18th birthday as the vibrator, it all happened LOL)

10. dream holiday destination: Europe

11. favourite body part: i like hands and of course a good butt doesn't go astray

12. favourite scrap technique: distressing... sometimes it just happens naturally so why not go with it LOL

13: something that makes you angry: Ex Husbands

14: stamps or rub ons: heading more to stamps i think

15: favourite drink: Midori

now i am glad i did this cause a couple of those answers surprised me so i would have definately got them wrong...hehehehehe....ok now let's go meet KATE!!
1 Name: Katharine McCulloch

2: star sign: Taurus

3. favourite band/singer or type of music: I don't have a favourite band or musician but my favourite type of music is 80's and 90's

4. person who you could you know nudge nudge, wink wink: Edward Cullen

5. book or movie: Both

6.most embrassing thing you've done: When i was in Africa at one of the airports, one of the customs guys was going through my luggage and pulled out some of my feminine items and inspected them as he didn't know what they were ( it was a 3rd world country, white people are a rarity and they obviously don't have anything like that in their culture LOL )

7. Stranded on an island your three things would be: coca-cola, a celebrity ( depends on my mood as to who i'd pick but probably a male so i can take advantage of them at the same time!!!..LOL) and appropriate clothing and footwear as it would make me comfortable to feel comfortable

8. Favourite scrap product to use: flowers LOL and i'm always after different embellishments as i like to cluster...

9. first real kiss: fat matt was his nickname...very appropriate!

10.dream holiday destination: USA and the UK

11. Favourite body part: Arms...nothing like seeing a guy with a bonds singlet on with really toned and muscular arms!

12. favourite technique: i like to scallop everything and outline things in black pen. i also like to cluster

13. what makes you angry: Inequality and people who aren't thankful for what they have

14. Stamps or rub ons: Neither...rub-ons don't work for me properly most the time (some are really dodgy) and stamps are a bit too fiddly for my liking

15 Favourite drink: i don't drink the past when i have drank i liked midori and lemonade, vodka *with anything* or Kaluha and milk with lots of ice

i can just imagine the look on that poor customs guys face...hehehehe...the poor darlin!!

thanks for sharing girls.....more to come soon!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

getting to know Michelle!

check out this absolutely gorgeous pic of the wonderful Michelle and her beautiful daughter gorgeous is it?!! totally scrapable!!! let's get to know michelle a little bit better shall we?......... 1 name: Michelle Rae Leiper (nee Stevens) sign: Aries

3.favourite band/singer or music type.... most types except Hip Hop, RAP and country & western...Best ever album...Neil Diamonds Hot August Night!!!

4. who could leave their shoes under your bed anytime.... Colin Firth!!!!!!

5..Book or movie....i love to read, but don't get time to any more. I love to watch movies but i can't really get into one if DH is commenting, critising or humming..i love to go to the cinema alone...

6. most embrassing thing you have done.....Getting my sister-in-law's name wrong during their wedding speech.

7. if you were stranded on an island...your three wishes would be.....1. A laptop with internet and never ending battery 2. Never-ending supply of really good yogurt and 3. never-ending scrap supply..

8. favourite scrap product....lots of patterned papers

9. your first real kiss...some yobbo at a party, can't even remember his name

10. dream holiday destination...Italy and by co-incidence Colin Firth lives there!!!

11. favoutire body part...strong male arms..yummo!!!

12. favourite scrap technique.. that a technique??? otherwise making embellishments

13. what makes you angry... the corporatization of the health system making the $$$ more important than the patient

14. do you prefer stamps or rub-ons....rub-ons because there are so many pretty ones..

15. favourite drink....Moscato wine!

thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better Michelle.....i hope you get your dream holiday some day honey and of course get to track down Colin Firth while your there!!!hahahahaha....

9 weeks and counting!!!

wow we have 9 weeks to go girls until our scrap frenzy weekend!! woohoo i can't wait...the stock is just starting to slowly come in ...(a little bo bunny anyone???? hehehe)......which means i'll have to get to work soon...hehehe....and plans are starting to come together......i also wanted to give you all a huge hug of thanks for getting your payments to me ,with just a few payments left to be made it really, really helps me out with getting everything organised for "MWAH" girls are just amazing!!!

so with the clock ticking girls are you excited yet????? you should be we are going to have an amazing weekend.....i have even talked Krissy into teaching us a little something while she is here...i'll keep what we have planned secret for now but you're going to love it!!!

ok girls i am off to organise another getting to know you post...keep watching this blog!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

getting to know ME!!!!

i thought it only fair that in our "getting to know you" game for the retreat that i go first! so here goes.....sorry about the serious pic girls but it was the only one i could find!!

1: name: Julie Ellen Herbert

2: star sign: Leo

3: fav band or singer: come girls you should all know this one by know...hehehehehehehe.....I have a lot of favourites but the one true fav that i will love until i take my last breath is of course..BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!

4: who could put their shoes under my bed anytime??? well this one took some serious thought...if it was to be a real person then definately Jon Bon Jovi...but if i could choose a fictional character from a book to come to life then i would MOST definately have to say either WRATH or ZSADIST from the black dagger brotherhood books by JR Ward...i LOVE all the brothers but those two are my favs!!!

5: book or movie: definately book...i have become totally addicted to reading again and read for a little while every day..last year i read 139 books!!

6: the most embrassing thing: well i went skinny dipping once with someone and it lead to other things happening...luckily no one came along until we were getting out of the water but that was bad enough for me....hehehehehe

7: 3 wishes if stuck on and island; ...cottage with indoor plumbing...if i was single....a hunky male with no attitude problems and if not then my family of course...hehehehehe...and the third and books to pass the time....i love my scrapping but reading and music really do help to keep me sane!!! well as sane as i get......

8: fav scrap product: at the moment i am just lovin pattern papers that can be fussy cut....that way you have paper and embellishments all in one!!

9: my first kiss: was with a boy we called was awful and i was so nervous...but you know what they say...practice makes perfect!!! hahahaha....

10: dream holiday: i have always wanted to go to Canada

11: favourite body part: the may sound corny but i think you can really tell alot from a persons eyes....a very close second is a really really nice butt!!!! oohlala!!! you just can't beat a nice butt!!! hehehehehehe

12: fav scrap technique:...i am into edges at the moment wether it is torn, distressed, punched or cut out....i am over all the layout having nice straight lines!

13: something that makes me angry : trucks drivers who think that cause they are in a bigger vehicle they can just pull out into traffic whenever they hubby is a truckie so it causes some interesting chat in this house...and i do know they don't all do it but the ones that do i'd love to biff em'.....

14: stamps or rub-ons: definately stamps...i do use rub-ons sometimes but with stamps at least you can pick the colour to suit what you are doing perfectly..and you can use them over and over again!!

15: favourite drink: Jack Daniels and coke followed closely by Cougar bourban and coke!

ok girls there is a little bit more about me...try to remember what you might come in very handy...hehehehehe

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Decisions, decisions!!!

well ladies i have been having a ball checking out lots of different paper ranges and fun goodies for us to play with at our scrap frenzy weekend....oh man there is soooooooo much nice stuff out there...yummy yummy goodies galore...i have made my choices so if stock remains available we will be all set for a scrapolicious weekend for sure!!!

after a discussion with some of the girls yesterday we decided to make our weekend a PYJAMA weekend...i mean why not when we usually end up in them most of the day anyway??? so we will have some fun with it ...i'll keep you posted about that closer to the time but in the mean time girls fish out all those cute PJ's ....hehehehehe....

i will also be sending out an email soon with a few quick questions on it about yourself......please fill it out and send it back with a photo to go on the blog....over the next few weeks i will introduce each of you by adding your pic and answers to the blog....make sure you check out each others answers.....those answers will come in very handy at the retreat...and they are worth some awesome well will you get to know your fellows retreaters?????

we are currently working on the menu so if you have any dietary concerns that you think our gorgeous chefs should know about please just drop me an email and let me know....even if it is just that you HATE can tell us we don't mind!! hahahaha.....

ok a quick re-cap....lots of yummy goodies coming our way...the weekend is now a pj party....don't forget to do your questionaire and send it back with a pic and any diet needs or dislikes let us know....

chat soon lovlies!!! "MWAH"