Sunday, February 28, 2010


well girls the kit is finalized and let me tell you it is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe just how much we have managed to pack into it for you all....Peta is an absolute scrap goddess...she really worked her magic on this one...hehehehe...i just know your all going to love it!

does anyone want to know what's in it?????? come on ladies if you want to know then i have to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm excited are you????????

WOOHOO we have 31 days to go and i just can't wait!!! i picked up our papers today from the gorgeous Chels and let me tell you they are so so cute!...i am really happy with them...oh just in case i hadn't told you we are using the two new 3 bugs in a rug ranges "animal stackers" and "savannah"...i am sure you will love them as much as i do...we will all have so much fun with them.....

i am off to the gorgeous peta's tommorrow for a class and while i am there we are going to go over the last of the retreat kit know finish matching things up to the is so much fun putting things together for you all ...i am like a kid in a candy shop when i am there...hehehehehe...i mean what a better way to spend the day then scrapping and buying scrap just can't be beat!!! hahahahaha....

on sunday i will be posting the final three getting to know you details so make sure you come on back over and check them out...have you been enjoying reading about everyone we will be spending the weekend with...i have that's for sure! are you remembering any of it???hehehehe

i will also post a rough menu on sunday so please let me know if there is anything on it that you can't eat or just plain can't stand!! hehehe....i am more than happy to change things for you where i can.....

closer to the weekend itself i will post a list of anything you will definately need to pack...there will be a few little items that you'll need for our technique classes...oh that reminds me.....thank you to those of you who responded to my emails about how the weekend would be run...class or not etc etc......after tallying everyone's thoughts together and chatting to a couple of the girls in person......i have decided that i won't be doing up class pages...myself, krissy and peta will be running a couple of quick classes over the weekend that will be more technique/embellishment based than actual pages....i will be doing up challenges ( if they include anything special i will let you know before hand) based around the kits etc and of course there will be time limits to them so that we get our 20 pages done as in other words i will be giving you direction but the pages creations will be yours!
over the weekend there will also be some games with prizes to be won.....we will have an absolute ball i promise you!!!

OH AND don't forget to save some pennies to bring with you as Peta will have her awesome shop set up for us and believe me we will want to shop!!! hehehehehe...i am sure we'll find lots that we will just NEED to have...hehehehehe...

oh i can't wait....can't we go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting to know Trish and Mel....

ok girls i have some getting to know you info for you all on our sisters..Trish and photos though the cheeky camera shy toads wouldn't let me take one...but we'll get them back at the retreat won't we girls!!!hehehehehe.... first let's meet Trish.....

name: Trish Fitzgibbon
star sign : cancer
fav singer/band: Keith Urban
nudge nudge wink wink man: get real i'm pregnant that's the last thing on my mind...LOL...
book or movie: book they are always better
most embrassing thing you've ever done: too many to count!
if stranded on an island your 3 things would be: water. food and a nice big bath
favourite scrap product: don't have a fav ...i like to use anything...
first real kiss: no idea so it was obviously totally
dream holiday destination: Canada
favourite body part: Eyes
favourite scrap technique: most things that don't include cutting!
something that makes you angry: Unemployed people
stamps or rub-ons: stamps
favourite alcoholic drink: pink champagne.

ok now it's Mel's turn......
name: Melanie Joanne White
star sign: cancer
fav singer /band: any music at all really....i will listen to anything!
nudge nudge, wink wink man: my hubby!
book or movie: book
most embrassing thing you've ever done: lots and lots of things really..hehe
if stranded on an island your 3 things would be: family, food and magazines.
fav scrap product: everything!!
first real kiss: no way..not secret!!
dream holiday destination: Hawaii
fav body part: none
fav scrap technique: Distressing
something that makes you angry: people who can't accept blame
stamps or rub-ons: stamps...
favourite drink: i don't drink so i guess it would be coke.

thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourselves with us girls......oh ad i will get a pic at the retreat!!!hehehehehehehe.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's Krissy time!!!!

hehehehe ok girls it's time to get to know krissy a little bit better......
1:name: Kristine Julie Christie

2: Star Sign...Aquarius

3: Fav band / singer..Ohh thats a hard one i love songs you can sing along with and have acousitc guitar so my favs are John Butler Trio and Jack Johnson

4: Who can you know nudge nugde, wink wink... Matthew's the smile, the accent the toosh...he is spunky as!!!

5: Book or Movie...Book they are always way better

6: most embrassing thing you've ever done....LOL Just one??? probably when i fell up the stairs on my first day at work when i was fourteen, was a full stack in front of all my new work mates psml.........did i mention that i am clumsy??? LOL

7: stranded on an island your 3 things would, food and some thing crafty to keep me busy...

8: fav scrap product...papers i can fussy cut and make 3D

9: your first real kiss....hehehehe...a guy named Phillip, he was a lip biter and it was awful..LOL

10: Dream holiday....i have always wanted to go to Mauritius....tropicial beaches and french accents oohh lala yes please!!!!

11: your favourite body part....i am a face person...i like faces that show expression and have personality...i think you can tell alot about a person by their face...well you can on mine anyway LOL....

12: Fav scrap technique...layering and 3D work

13: something that makes you angry....people who are makes me so mad i don't know why people have to pick on others to make themselves feel's horrible

14: stamps or rub-ons....stamps cause i always manage to stuff up rub-ons so i never us them any more

15: favourite drink.... i've got 2....can i have 2???....i love jim beam and coke or vodka and orange....but if i am feeling fancy i will never say no to a strawberry dacquiri..whoops that's 3...oh well LOL....

thanks for sharing some more about yourself krissy......there will be more to come soon keep checking back....