Monday, March 22, 2010

OMG 4 Sleeps to go!!!!

OMG only 4 sleeps to go until it's time to scrap our butts off...PMSL....and i can't wait....i am so looking forward to meeting the gorgeous Krissy on thursday night then packing up friday morning and heading off to Sandy's for a full weekend of scrapping madness...i mean non stop scrapping and shopping what more could a girl ask for!!!!!..don't forget girls our target is 20 pages no procrastinating (sp?) allowed!! we will be armed with our awesome kits plus a full to bursting shop just in case there is something else you just have to have (and knowing peta there will be plenty of yummies to tempt us!!), tonnes of challenges, loads of food and most importantly absolutely awesome will be scrappers heaven i think ...LOL....

so just a couple of things that will help us out with the weekend....can you bring with you a brown ink if you have one....we will be using it for krissy's class...if you don't have one don't stress i have a few we can share but the more that are there the better....also can the local girls (Be and Krissy we have you covered) please bring your pillow with you.....easy peasy stuff really......

i emailed everyone attending from friday night the menu from the braddie...if you haven't already chosen something can you please make sure you do let me know what you'd like by lunch time on friday .....

a few of our scrappy friends are joining us for lunch on friday at sandy's...if you would like to join us you are more than welcome too....head on over we are having gourmet pizzas from an awesome place in rutherford...yummo!!!!

what else to tell you???? i just don't know...i am SO excited i can't think straight i am sure i will be back with more news....
have a great night and i'll see you all soon!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

pizza box of fun!!!

so who wants to know what's in our little pizza box of it is girls!!!
the new 3 bugs caboodle pack in "Animal stackers" ...there is 9 papers,a tag sheet, an alpha and a sticker sheet.....then....
the 3 bugs caboodle pack in the new"Savannha" range.. containing 9 papers,a tag sheet, an alpha and a glitter sticker sheet
we also have four gorgeous paper from crate paper's new "paper doll" range to play with....
this is the reverse side of those papers......then we have....
4 gorgeous papers from crate paper's new "Brook" range......
this is the reverse side of those papers.........then next we have....
3 pieces of fabric, bingo cards, beads, bon bon brads, frames, buttons, 2 ribbons, 6 bling brads and some flower jewels but still there is more........
now we have in the paper doll range ..... stickers and journal stickers as well as stickers and journal stickers in the Brook range.......and yes there is still more...hehehehehe.....
2 black fabric, one white vinyl and some chippy numbers and hearts......
oh and don't forget the 20 cardstock to go with all that plus a gorgeous printblocks album and 10 love you more page protectors for the album....
oh and i almost forgot there is a little shoe box mini alpha to add to that plus a HS large playing card, a stampin up circle shaker box plus a kaszazz bling "princess" word and all the bits for krissy's blossom class....i think that is everything but who knows what else you will find in your pizza box at the retreat!! hehehehe you just never know what i have in store!!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 sleeps to go!!!

wow i can't believe it ...there are only 12 sleeps to go until our scrappy weekend begins! woohoo i can't wait!! i have all the challenges designed and you will be happy to know that i have NOT included particular photo sizes in any of the challenges so that you can use whatever photos you have in your stash.....i have included some awesome pagemap sketches on a few of them to get you into the groove and a few little tricky bits here and there that will have you looking outside the box...just a little...hehehehehe....

our technique/embellishment classes will be as follows:
*Krissy will be showing us how to make one of her beautiful blossom branches
*Sandy will be showing us how to do resist embossing
* i will be showing you how to emboss with distress inks and powders and hopefully showing you how to make some really cool flowers using transparencies and paint! ( i am saying hopefully cause i am still playing with this one...hehehehe)
all the goodies to have a play at these will be there for you to use so don't worry about a thing chickies!

if there is something else you would love to see a demo of please don't hesitate to ask and i'll see what we can do for you....

On Saturday night after dinner Peta will be running a blind challenge for us ....i LOVE Peta's blind challenges...she is a total Queen at them and i just know you'll have a ball with it!!

oh and don't forget to save up some pennies girls cause even though our scrap kit for the weekend is absolutely huge i just know you will want to go shopping in Peta's shop...i have seen some of the gorgeous goodies she has in store for us...and i am drooling already!!!!!!!!

ok i am off to sort through some of my stash...deciding what to take and what not to take is proving very interesting!! hahahaha...i'm be back soon chickies!!

jules xx

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


hey there is your countdown til retreat going...we only have 16 sleeps to go til our scrapaholics delight today penny (our awesome retreat chef) and I got together to decide on a menu ...well let me tell you is just YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and i also did a little taste test for you as well.....i just had to make sure that i thought you'd like penny's homemade chocolate, choc chip muffins....hehehehe.....oh and for the record you will DEFINATELY love them!!!!...i'll list what we decided on below for you to check out...if there is anything on it that you can''t have PLEASE let me know a.s.a.p so we can adjust things check it out and let me know what you think.....oh no i'm drooling again!!!LOL...

Saturday: breakfast...pancakes with maple syrup and/or fruit
lunch....homemade mini pizzas on pita with a choice of toppings
dinner....Beef stroganoff with rice, salad and crusty bread
Dessert...midnight homemade waffles and ice cream....
(it's a tradition and we can't break a tradition!! pmsl)

Sunday: breakfast....bacon and egg rolls or crossiants
lunch....chicken teriyaki and salad wraps

Morning and Afternoon teas: tea, coffee and milo...a selection of muffins, anzacs bickies etc etc that you will be able to help yourself to at of the days penny is going to cook fresh scones which of course we will have to have with loads of jam and cream!!!hehehehe.....

i will also have a selection of lollies (and yes that means red frogs krissy and licorice allsorts penny...LOL) on each table plus there will be plenty of soft drink available...the only thing you will need to bring is any alcohol you might like to have a little drinky of......

so how does all that sound girls?????? oh bugger all this talk about food has made me hungry again!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Krissy's gorgeous flowers!!

hi girls...just wanted to let you know that if you would like to purchase any of krissy's gorgeous hand made flowers in time for the retreat then now is the time to do it!!! head on over to wicked princesses and check them your order and if you want them for the retreat then let krissy know in the order comments section that you are coming to my retreat and would like her to bring them with her's that simple girls....they are just gorgeous ...i know you are going to want to play with head on over and check them out!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

final getting to know you!

ok girls here we go with the last three gorgeous ladies for our getting to know's your chance to get to know a little more about Penny, Julie and Be!!!....... Name: Penelope jane wilks

Star sign: Pisces

fave band or music: jon English

nudge nudge, wink wink person: val kilmer LOL....

Book or movie: book ...the green mile

most embrassing thing you've ever done: can't think of a specific one, except the usual foot in mouth stuff....

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: Tony, chocolate and a never ending supply of good books!

fave scrap product: stamps

first real kiss: gary something...can't remember his last name

dream holiday destination: Canada/Alaska

favourite body part: eyes..they express everything

fave scrap technique: layering

something that makes you angry: ???????

stamps or rubons: stamps...rubons are to unreliable

fave alcoholic drink: Illusions!!!

name: Julie Lee-anne Munro (congratulations newly-wed..."mwah")

star sign: capricorn

fave band or music: rod stewart

nudge, nudge, wink wink person: jules didnt answer this one so it must be her new hubby!!!

book or movie: movie ...i love Beaches

most embrassing thing you've ever done: had sex on a motorbike in the bush (OMG!!!!)

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: lots of chocolate, my computer and Richard

fave scrap product: my tape runner

first real kiss: Ian Morgan

dream holiday destination: Canada

fave body part: Hairy chests

fave scrap technique: stamping

something that makes you angry: when i don't get my own way

stamps or rubons: stamps

fave alcoholic drink: black russian

name: Belinda Waters

star sign: Leo

fave band or music: I love all sorts of music but i love Pink, alecia keyes, AC/DC, Melissa etheridge, dolly pardon (LOL) and lots more

nudge nudge wink wink person: ok this is going to sound lame but i am going to say my hubby, he meets all my fantasies in reality

book or movie: definately books but i like a good movie

most embrassing thing you've ever done: i was travelling to Brisbane for the paper and craft show with my sister, she pulled into a servo and there was a line up so she jumps out and tells me to move the car while she goes to the loo, when she comes back i ask her where it was and walk to the loo, i went in and was just about to go when a guy was standing in the next cubicle going, i quickly pulled up my pants and ran out to the car...i was so embrassed!! after a while i told my sister what i did and she told me they were uni sexed toilets!!

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: My Ipod with endless battery, a huge supply of books and my hubby

fave scrap product: flowers, kindy klitz and bling..ok more than 1 fave LOL....

first real kiss:LOL it is that long ago i can't remember or maybe is was unmemorable LOL

dream holiday destination: to travel the rest of australia

fave body part: i would have to say eyes, they tell you alot, i love the way they light up when someone is happy

fave scrap technique: at the moment distressing paper

something that makes you angry: when someone says they are tired of the drama but they are the ones putting themselves in the middle of it!

stamps or rubons: rubons

fave alcoholic drink: bourbon and coke....yummy!!!!!!!!!

i would like to thank you all for sharing a little more about yourselves over the last few has been fun reading the little bits and pieces as i put them up.....ok so everyone is now on the blog...have fun checking out the details...and let's see what you remember about each other by the retreat!!!

hey girls are you enjoying the little teasers too??? the last of the product has arrived and i just have to pick it up and pack it....oh i can't wait...just 19 days to go girls!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

another tease!!

here's another little look at another part of our kit....yes that's right just another part ...there is still more to come!!!!! i hope you are liking the look of things so far......????

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a little tease!

ok girls here is a little teaser of our absolutely awesome scrap kit...this is only the start of our kit...i'll post more teasers for you later...can't show you it all at once after all ...that would just be to easy...PMSL!!!!!!!!!!