Tuesday, February 23, 2010

getting to know Trish and Mel....

ok girls i have some getting to know you info for you all on our sisters..Trish and Mel...no photos though the cheeky camera shy toads wouldn't let me take one...but we'll get them back at the retreat won't we girls!!!hehehehehe.... first let's meet Trish.....

name: Trish Fitzgibbon
star sign : cancer
fav singer/band: Keith Urban
nudge nudge wink wink man: get real i'm pregnant that's the last thing on my mind...LOL...
book or movie: book they are always better
most embrassing thing you've ever done: too many to count!
if stranded on an island your 3 things would be: water. food and a nice big bath
favourite scrap product: don't have a fav ...i like to use anything...
first real kiss: no idea so it was obviously totally forgettable...lol
dream holiday destination: Canada
favourite body part: Eyes
favourite scrap technique: most things that don't include cutting!
something that makes you angry: Unemployed people
stamps or rub-ons: stamps
favourite alcoholic drink: pink champagne.

ok now it's Mel's turn......
name: Melanie Joanne White
star sign: cancer
fav singer /band: any music at all really....i will listen to anything!
nudge nudge, wink wink man: my hubby!
book or movie: book
most embrassing thing you've ever done: lots and lots of things really..hehe
if stranded on an island your 3 things would be: family, food and magazines.
fav scrap product: everything!!
first real kiss: no way..not saying....top secret!!
dream holiday destination: Hawaii
fav body part: none
fav scrap technique: Distressing
something that makes you angry: people who can't accept blame
stamps or rub-ons: stamps...
favourite drink: i don't drink so i guess it would be coke.

thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourselves with us girls......oh ad i will get a pic at the retreat!!!hehehehehehehe.....

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