Saturday, January 23, 2010

getting to know Michelle!

check out this absolutely gorgeous pic of the wonderful Michelle and her beautiful daughter gorgeous is it?!! totally scrapable!!! let's get to know michelle a little bit better shall we?......... 1 name: Michelle Rae Leiper (nee Stevens) sign: Aries

3.favourite band/singer or music type.... most types except Hip Hop, RAP and country & western...Best ever album...Neil Diamonds Hot August Night!!!

4. who could leave their shoes under your bed anytime.... Colin Firth!!!!!!

5..Book or movie....i love to read, but don't get time to any more. I love to watch movies but i can't really get into one if DH is commenting, critising or humming..i love to go to the cinema alone...

6. most embrassing thing you have done.....Getting my sister-in-law's name wrong during their wedding speech.

7. if you were stranded on an island...your three wishes would be.....1. A laptop with internet and never ending battery 2. Never-ending supply of really good yogurt and 3. never-ending scrap supply..

8. favourite scrap product....lots of patterned papers

9. your first real kiss...some yobbo at a party, can't even remember his name

10. dream holiday destination...Italy and by co-incidence Colin Firth lives there!!!

11. favoutire body part...strong male arms..yummo!!!

12. favourite scrap technique.. that a technique??? otherwise making embellishments

13. what makes you angry... the corporatization of the health system making the $$$ more important than the patient

14. do you prefer stamps or rub-ons....rub-ons because there are so many pretty ones..

15. favourite drink....Moscato wine!

thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better Michelle.....i hope you get your dream holiday some day honey and of course get to track down Colin Firth while your there!!!hahahahaha....


Krissy Christie said...

Oh yay I know Michelle :D

LOL @ getting your SIL's name worng lovey lol Al did that at new years when he was intorudcing his step dad Phil as "Bruce" LOL

I loved reading more about you Michelle :)

Krissy xx

Kate said...

This is a great idea Jules, I love it!! Love that piccie of you Michelle :)


OH I love Moscato too Michelle!!!

What a great idea!!! thanks for sharing

kate said...

hi michelle *waves* will see you soon for a scrap!