Saturday, January 23, 2010

9 weeks and counting!!!

wow we have 9 weeks to go girls until our scrap frenzy weekend!! woohoo i can't wait...the stock is just starting to slowly come in ...(a little bo bunny anyone???? hehehe)......which means i'll have to get to work soon...hehehe....and plans are starting to come together......i also wanted to give you all a huge hug of thanks for getting your payments to me ,with just a few payments left to be made it really, really helps me out with getting everything organised for "MWAH" girls are just amazing!!!

so with the clock ticking girls are you excited yet????? you should be we are going to have an amazing weekend.....i have even talked Krissy into teaching us a little something while she is here...i'll keep what we have planned secret for now but you're going to love it!!!

ok girls i am off to organise another getting to know you post...keep watching this blog!!!

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kate said...

love bo bunny and i am very excited jules! thanks for the getting to know you posts, theyre fun! xo