Saturday, March 6, 2010

final getting to know you!

ok girls here we go with the last three gorgeous ladies for our getting to know's your chance to get to know a little more about Penny, Julie and Be!!!....... Name: Penelope jane wilks

Star sign: Pisces

fave band or music: jon English

nudge nudge, wink wink person: val kilmer LOL....

Book or movie: book ...the green mile

most embrassing thing you've ever done: can't think of a specific one, except the usual foot in mouth stuff....

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: Tony, chocolate and a never ending supply of good books!

fave scrap product: stamps

first real kiss: gary something...can't remember his last name

dream holiday destination: Canada/Alaska

favourite body part: eyes..they express everything

fave scrap technique: layering

something that makes you angry: ???????

stamps or rubons: stamps...rubons are to unreliable

fave alcoholic drink: Illusions!!!

name: Julie Lee-anne Munro (congratulations newly-wed..."mwah")

star sign: capricorn

fave band or music: rod stewart

nudge, nudge, wink wink person: jules didnt answer this one so it must be her new hubby!!!

book or movie: movie ...i love Beaches

most embrassing thing you've ever done: had sex on a motorbike in the bush (OMG!!!!)

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: lots of chocolate, my computer and Richard

fave scrap product: my tape runner

first real kiss: Ian Morgan

dream holiday destination: Canada

fave body part: Hairy chests

fave scrap technique: stamping

something that makes you angry: when i don't get my own way

stamps or rubons: stamps

fave alcoholic drink: black russian

name: Belinda Waters

star sign: Leo

fave band or music: I love all sorts of music but i love Pink, alecia keyes, AC/DC, Melissa etheridge, dolly pardon (LOL) and lots more

nudge nudge wink wink person: ok this is going to sound lame but i am going to say my hubby, he meets all my fantasies in reality

book or movie: definately books but i like a good movie

most embrassing thing you've ever done: i was travelling to Brisbane for the paper and craft show with my sister, she pulled into a servo and there was a line up so she jumps out and tells me to move the car while she goes to the loo, when she comes back i ask her where it was and walk to the loo, i went in and was just about to go when a guy was standing in the next cubicle going, i quickly pulled up my pants and ran out to the car...i was so embrassed!! after a while i told my sister what i did and she told me they were uni sexed toilets!!

stranded on an island your 3 things would be: My Ipod with endless battery, a huge supply of books and my hubby

fave scrap product: flowers, kindy klitz and bling..ok more than 1 fave LOL....

first real kiss:LOL it is that long ago i can't remember or maybe is was unmemorable LOL

dream holiday destination: to travel the rest of australia

fave body part: i would have to say eyes, they tell you alot, i love the way they light up when someone is happy

fave scrap technique: at the moment distressing paper

something that makes you angry: when someone says they are tired of the drama but they are the ones putting themselves in the middle of it!

stamps or rubons: rubons

fave alcoholic drink: bourbon and coke....yummy!!!!!!!!!

i would like to thank you all for sharing a little more about yourselves over the last few has been fun reading the little bits and pieces as i put them up.....ok so everyone is now on the blog...have fun checking out the details...and let's see what you remember about each other by the retreat!!!

hey girls are you enjoying the little teasers too??? the last of the product has arrived and i just have to pick it up and pack it....oh i can't wait...just 19 days to go girls!!!

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Kate said...

love ALL the sneak peeks jules, keep them coming! thanks for the getting to know yous, everyone seems so lovely xox