Thursday, November 26, 2009


to finally announce that our gorgeous Irish rose ( oh aren't i soppy tonight....hehehehe) Krissy will be flying her cute little self down here to join in all the fun of the scrap frenzy retreat!!! i am so honoured and very excited that krissy is coming down for our retreat and that we will all get to finally meet her in person...krissy is a constant source of inspiration to me and so many others .......not to mention one of my gorgeous DT's and an extremely important and valued friend...we are in for a FANTASTIC weekend girls..don't worry krissy i am stocking up on the red frogs already...hehehehe.... i just can't wait!!!!! happy dance time now...woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Krissy Christie said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!I cant wait to meet you Jules!!Its going to be fandabbydosey to sit and scrap with all you gorgeous girls!

Krissy xx

woohoo bring on the red frogs lol :D